California Custom Turf


California Custom Turf is a family-owned, full-service artificial grass and putting green company,
serving the Los Angeles and Ventura county area and beyond.

For All of Your Turf Needs

We specialize in designing and installing improved lifestyles: more time with family and friends, better golf scores, and beautiful retreats- all in the form of high quality artificial lawns, indoor/outdoor putting greens, pet turf, bocce courts, rooftop lawns, and more.


Synthetic Grass and Putting Greens Your Family Will Love!

Our 100% permeable turf is a dog owner’s dream. Besides never having to worry about smell or staining, our clients mostly rave about no more muddy paws to wipe! We not only will save your yard, we will save your indoor flooring as well. Imagine no more mud tracked onto your floors or carpeting, and no more time spent cleaning up after your pet due to a hard-to-maintain lawn! Artificial grass is the perfect solution for pet owners, and our high quality, low maintenance, warrantied product is worth every penny!



our design is always of a high standard, and our customers can ensure it.


Low cost maintenance


Very easy to clean and maintain.

Our Work

100% permeable  backing system that lets liquids drain right through.
Exceptional drainage even right after a rain, your dog’s paws will barely be wet!
Non-allergenic and perfect for dogs with grass allergies.
No harmful toxins pet friendly unlike a lot of harmful fertilizers.
Low maintenance simply hose it off every week
15-20 year life expectancy…
a great investment!

“The Best Products, Professionally Installed”

No matter how good our product is, we know the design and installation make all the difference. We pay close attention to planning each and every installation. Only then do we apply our expertise and construction techniques.

The result: A custom-designed, perfectly installed yard or putting green that you will enjoy year-round for years to come.

Our installers are dedicated, professional craftsmen with years of training and installation experience. They have proven methods of workmanship unique in the industry.

Our service is prompt, on time and reliable.


Let’s Build Your Dream Turf Together

As a small business, we rely not only on our quality products but even more importantly on our customer service. Maintaining customer relationships with integrity, honesty and a straight forward but friendly professional approach is pinnacle to California Turf .